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Anhydrol Forte 60ml


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Product Info:
Anhydrol Forte protects against excessive perspiration/sweating. The active ingredient aluminium chloride hexahydrate reduces sweating by blocking sweat ducts in the skin and provides a deodorant by killing the bacteria which causes body odour.

How To Use:
Use only on the armpits, hands and feet.
Ensure the area is dry before use.
Tip the bottle to wet the roller ball (ensure the lid is tight beforehand). Unscrew the cap and apply the product to the affected area, as required
Allow to dry naturally then wash hands.
Leave overnight, then wash off thoroughly in morning.
Initially use for 2 nights in a row and then don?t use for 2 nights.

Repeat cycle for as long as needed then decrease frequency to suit your needs.

Active Ingredients:
aluminium chloride hexahydrate 20% w/v


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