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Please be advised We highly recommend that you Read all medication leaflet carefully before you start taking any medicine because it contains important information for you. Usage

When your little one has a stuffed up nose, CALPOL® Saline Nasal Spray & Saline Drops help wash away built up mucus, helping them breathe more freely. And because it’s a simple, non-medicated treatment, you can use it right from birth.

This product can be taken alongside CALPOL® Infant Suspension if pain and fever relief is also needed

Infants & babies up to 2 years

Lay your child down and turn their head to one side.
Put the nozzle into a nostril and press the spray head once.
Then repeat in the other nostril.
Children over 2 years & adults

Put the nozzle into one nostril, holding the bottle vertically.
Press the other nostril closed.
Press the spray head once and spray deeply, breathing in at the same time.
Then repeat in the other nostril.
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Infants & babies up to two years:
- One spray into each nostril as required.
Children over 2 years & adults:
- One or two sprays into each nostril as required. For further advice, always read the label.

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