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Declare age control age essential serum 50ML


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Night Essential Serum
This essential night serum with the unique Declaré src-complex™ provides effective supplementary care for your sensitive skin. The combination of valuable active ingredients make this ultra-light serum so effective: refreshing moisture plumps the skin and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and sagging areas. Pigment/age spots and redness are visibly reduced and the complexion is smooth and radiates youthful freshness. At the same time, a special “youth molecule” stimulates the skin’s repair systems, provides intensive protection for the cells and prolongs their life. For perfect skin care and a fresh youthful complexion.

Apply in the evening after cleansing, under your normal skin care products. It is suitable for all skin types.



Hyaluronic acid

Orsirtine - Orsirtine is an anti-aging active ingredient, focussing on “longevity, restriction of calories, activation of sirtuin”


A reduction in calories leads to the activation of the enzyme Sirtuin (SIRT activation). Sirtuines protect the genotype and improve the cells resistance and longevity. This special extract derived from rice is rich in these SIRT activating ingredients. It activates the SIRT- 1 release, prolongs the lifespan of the cells (cell longevity), promotes the processes of skin repair, prolongs the lifespan of the skin. The skin stays young for a longer time and maintains its youthful functioning.

Orsirtine, is a botanic extract derived from rice, is rich in SIRT-activating compounds and shows the following actions:

activation of SIRT1 release in the skin
prolongation of the lifespan of the cells
activates skin repair processes and protects them
this leads to a prolongation of the skin’s lifespan
improves the SIRT1 content in human skin
+24 % SIRT1 in the fibroblasts within 24 hours

+10 % longevity of aged fibroblasts

+17% longevity of aged keratinocytes


-22% oxidative DNA damage

-21% UV-induced DNA damage protects skin structure and integrity

Chromocare - A combination of Rabdosia Rubescens and Siegesbeckia Orientalis extract. Chromocare acts on the three visible chromophores of the skin (chromophores are responsible for the colour we see) melanin disorder and reddening caused by hemoglobin are reduced, collagen production is activated. Chromocare changes the light diffusion and makes the skin appear brighter and harmonised by reducing reddening and melanin conglomeration. Test show after 2 months of use (twice a day) -7% dark spots, – 10% red spots.

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