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Matifying Cream

This ultra-light cream with an immediate matte effect intensively moisturises your skin and improves its ability to retain moisture. The astringent effect of the creme refines the pores and the texture of your skin. With vitamin E for protection against environmental stresses. Regular use helps to prevent blemishes. For a clear, matte, refined complexion.

Apply onto cleansed skin daily. It is suitable for oily-combination skin.


Witch Hazel Extract - Witch hazel is a small deciduous tree with soft yellow flowers that have a tonifying effect. Contains tannins with an astringent and tonifying effect (sebaceous glands). Mildly antiseptic.


Pansy Extract

Burdock Root Extract - Burdock root has a long history in herbal medicine. It was already being used in Antiquity to promote good health. Even Hildegard von Bingen made various tinctures from burdock root to treat hair loss, eczema and ulcers. The extract contains organic acids, which makes it anti-bacterial. This effect is frequently reinforced by the addition of pansies.

Anti-blackhead/pimple combination


Vitamin E

Linden Extract - Linden Extract is obtained from the blossoms of the lime tree (tilia cordata), to soothe and refresh dry, sensitive skin. Rich in vitamin C and manganese, it also protects the skin cells against oxidative stress and therefore against further associated reactions due to sensitivity.


The Declare Matifying Hydro Cream is an intensive moisturiser that is enriched with Vitamin 3 to help protect your skin against any environmental stresses. This light cream also helps prevent blemishes leaving your skin clear and moisturised. Suitable for oily to combination skin.

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