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Silky Soft Body Cream

This wonderfully silky body cream nourishes demanding skin intensively, smoothing the surface of your skin and lavishing it with valuable moisture. The potency of cranberries combined with vitamin E acetate protects your skin from harmful environmental influences and free radicals. The subtle fragrance of blackcurrants, lily of the valley and musk stimulate your senses and envelop your skin with a long-lasting feeling of freshness and well-being. For silky-soft and unbelievably delicate skin.

Massage the a good amount of product onto cleansed skin with broad, circular motions. Enjoy the velvety soft touch of your skin. It is suitable for very dry skin.


Vitamin E-Acetate - Vitamin E ensures the smoothing and improvement of the skin relief, acceleration of the epithelialization, improvement of the water binding capacity of the corneal layer and acts as a radical catcher. Vitamin E reduces the activation of ornithine carboxylase, stimulates repair mechanisms and protects against UV light.

Hyaluronic Acid

Cranberry Seed Oil

Coconut Oil - The coconut oil derives form the fruit of the coconut palm, which is a tree that grows in the warm and humid tropics. The coconuts are being harvested by hand with a knife, chopped up, dried and at last being pressed. The coconut oil supplies the skin with fresh moisture, smooths the skin and keeps it supple. The high proportion of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants moderate first lines and wrinkles. The velvety soft texture relaxes the skin visibly and noticeably.

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