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Power Duo Oil+Serum

Multi-Vitamin Regenerating Care – Comprehensive skin care in an innovative guise: hydro components and lipids are mixed in the palm of your hand. Pure, clear, and scaled back to the essentials. This velvety, nurturing vitamin serum relaxes demanding skin wonderfully, enabling it to regenerate long term. The combination of the two phases lavishes your skin with intensive moisture, and imbibes it with new energy thanks to valuable vitamins. Delicate oils make your skin feel powdery soft without weighing it down. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, your skin appears tauter and firmer. With Declaré src complex™. For regenerated, perfectly groomed skin with new energy and radiance.

Warm the product in the palm of your hand, then apply lightly to face and neck. Massage in gently. 1 x pump per application

It is suitable for normal to dry skin.




  • Vitamin A - Provides for an increase of mitotic activity, an increase of enzyme activity, a normalisation of keratinization, an improvement of epithelialization, thickening of epidermis, regeneration of UV-damaged skin and an improvement of natural skin functions. It regenerates and restructures the skin, supports its barrier function and keeps it soft and supple.
  • Vitamin C - Is known not only as Vitamin C in fruits, but also a synergetic additive to antioxidants. Influences positively the collagen synthesis in the skin. It reduces UV-induced cell damage, protects against free radicals and thus offers optimum protection against premature signs of ageing.
  • Vitamin E - Ensures the smoothing and improvement of the skin relief, acceleration of the epithelialization, improvement of the water binding capacity of the corneal layer and acts as a radical catcher. Vitamin E reduces the activation of ornithine carboxylase, stimulates repair mechanisms and protects against UV light.

Bisabolol - Bisabolol is obtained from the natural essential oils of chamomile and yarrow, and for generations has been considered one of the best-known medicinal plants. It is believed to be particularly soothing and balancing, anti-bacterial, strengthens the skin and has an anti-inflammatory effects.

Balloon Vine Oil - In homeopathic medicine, this is used to treat eczema. Soothes and strengthens the skin’s barriers.

Echium Planagineum Oil - This valuable oil (rich in linoleic acid) protects sensitive skin and strengthens the skin’s barriers.

Macadamia Nut Oil - Macadamia oil is derived from Macadamia nuts. It supports the skin’s barrier function. Of the natural oils, macadamia oil demonstrates the best abilities for penetration of the skin. This is attributed to its palmitoleic acid content. It nourishes and smoothes the skin, lavishes skin with intensive moisture and makes it feel wonderfully powdery soft. Revitalises and refreshes very raw, dry skin to make it more supple and give it a youthfully sleek radiance.


The Declare Power Duo Oil and Serum is an effective mix that works well for your skin. This duo is full of vitamins, hydro components, lipids and oils that all work together to give your skin the makeover it needs. With the help of the anti-ageing formula your skin will be left feeling younger, moisturised and much smoother. Ideal for all skin types and ages.

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