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Fixodent Partials Adhesive Cream 40g


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Fixodent Microseal for Partials
? 3X better protection against food infiltration under your partial vs. no adhesive
? Its ultra-thin nozzle enables you to create a firm, sealed barrier between your partials and gums
? Provides a strong hold and keeps your partial securely in place
? The flavor-free formula does not affect the taste of food
? Can be removed easily
Keep your confidence and comfort
all day long

Gain confidence with secure partials and great oral hygiene. Fixodent Microseal for Partials is the perfect ally in your everyday life when it comes to a strong hold and a clean mouth protected from food infiltrations. A unique, super-thin nozzle enables you to create a barrier to prevent food particles from getting beneath your partial, thus protecting your gums from irritation and soreness. Feel confident with a strong hold and a comfortable fit and dive into your favourite foods with Fixodent Microseal for Partials!

How to use Fixodent Microseal
for Partials

Clean and dry the partial before applying the adhesive cream.
Apply Fixodent Microseal for Partials in thin lines. Apply a little at first and do not apply the adhesive too close to the partial denture?s edges. A few tries may be needed to find the ideal amount for each individual partial.
Insert partial and hold it briefly in place. If Fixodent Microseal for Partials oozes from the partial in the mouth, then too much of the adhesive cream has been used
Most people need just one daily application. If you are experiencing problems getting the partial denture to hold or you are applying Fixodent Microseal for Partials more than once a day, a check of partial?s fit with the dentist is recommended.
As a matter of course, a dentist should be consulted regularly to continue ensuring a proper fit. Badly fitting partials may impair an individual?s health.

TIP:To avoid clogging, keep the nozzle and cap dry. Should the tip become clogged, use a pin to re-open.

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