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Gaviscon Extra Oral Suspension 150ml


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Please be advised We highly recommend that you Read all medication leaflet carefully before you start taking any medicine because it contains important information for you.

Product Info:
Gaviscon Extra Oral Suspension is suitable to treat heartburn and indigestion. This 150ml size is perfect to keep with you on the go so you can treat symptoms fast and when you need to.? Gaviscon Extra combines two antacids and an alginate

Treats heartburn - Forms a protective barrier over your stomach contents to prevent burning feeling in your chest
Relieves indigestion - Neutralizes excess stomach acid to reliev pain and discomfort
Can be used following meals
Suitable during pregnancy
Mint flavour
You Must Be Aged Over 18 Years to Purchase This Product

How To Use:
Adults and children over 12 years old

Take 10-20mls (2-4 teaspoons) after meals or at bedtime or as needed, up to 4 times in a day
Shake the bottle well before use
Active Ingredients
Each 10ml of Gaviscon Extra Oral Suspension contains:

Sodium alginate 500mg - An Alginate to form a barrier top prevent burning feeling in the chest
Sodium bicarbonate 213mg - An antacid to netralize excess stomach acid
Calcium carbonate 325mg - An antacid to netralize excess stomach acid

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