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Hylo Care Drops 7.5ml


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Please be advised We highly recommend that you Read all medication leaflet carefully before you start taking any medicine because it contains important information for you. Thanks to the combination of high quality hyaluronic acid and dexpanthenol, HYLO CARE ? moisturizing eye drops are ideal for the daily care of stressed eyes. Wearing contact lenses, VDU work, air conditioning, heating air or other influences strain the eye every day and can lead to the expression of the dry eye. Symptoms are often mild or barely noticeable at a young age, but this stressful phase can lead to complaints at an older age. Thanks to the preventive daily use of HYLO CARE eye drops, the surface of the eye always remains well-moisturized and the cells on the cornea and conjunctiva can regenerate.

HYLO CARE ? Eye drops are :

For daily eye moisturising and eye care
Also perfectly compatible with contact lenses, without affecting visual performance
Gentle to the eye because it is free of phosphates and preservatives
Easy to dose thanks to the COMOD ? system
Extremely productive with more than 300 drops per bottle and can be kept up to 6 months after opening. In addition to moisturizing hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate ), HYLO CARE ? eye drops also contain dexpanthenol, which supports the cornea and conjunctiva during regeneration. With this ideally coordinated combination, HYLO CARE ? moisturizing eye drops are ideal for daily eye care.

Because: Not only the skin benefits from the daily supply of moisture and care. The eyes also stay well moisturized in this way - and the development of symptoms of dry eyes is effectively prevented.


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