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Please be advised We highly recommend that you Read all medication leaflet carefully before you start taking any medicine because it contains important information for you. HYLO DUAL ?moisturizes the cornea and conjunctiva and protects against excessive evaporation of the tears. The stabilization of the tear film - especially the fat components (lipid phase) - relieves eye irritation, which are associated with inflammatory symptoms or which are caused by allergies. The burning and itchy feeling of the eyes disappears. Burning, itchy and watery eyes, the feeling of having sand in your eyes or dry eyes are symptoms of a dry and / or irritated eye. Often these are signs that the eye is not adequately hydrated. Another cause can also be hypersensitivity reactions to other substances (e.g. pollen, animal hair or house dust). Since such an allergy is accompanied by the same symptoms,
The special properties of HYLO DUAL ? eye drops at a glance :

Intensive moisturizing for dry and irritated eyes
Stabilization of the lipid phase of the tear film
Sustainable protection against renewed drying out
Support the body's own barrier against allergy-causing substances and irritants
Contains ectoin, which alleviates inflammatory processes
High productivity thanks to the COMOD ? system
Free of phosphates and preservatives

HYLO DUAL ? eye drops are particularly suitable for dry eyes with additional irritation. To take care of irritated eyes at night, we recommend VitA POS ? eye ointment.eye drops for dry, irritated eyes

For dry eyes that are accompanied by inflammatory symptoms, HYLO DUAL ? eye drops offer intensive moisture and protection. In addition, the moisturizing eye drops support the recovery of allergy-irritated eyes.
The two ingredients hyaluronic acid and ectoin wet the eye with an even tear film and intensively moisturize it. The fat layer of the moisture film is stabilized and the eyes are protected from drying out the tear film. This significantly reduces inflammation stimuli and supports the stressed cornea during regeneration. In addition, the eye through the stable tear filmshielded more effectively against allergy-causing stimuli. Symptoms such as itching and burning quickly subside thanks to HYLO DUAL ? eye drops.


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