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Kidsclin Spray Cradle Cap Treatment Kit


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PoxClin KidsClin? Cradle Cap Treatment
Removes, treats and prevents cradle cap
Includes comb and brush
Child-friendly and safe
KidsClin? Cradle Cap Treatment Kit offers everything needed for effective treatment of cradle cap.

The kit includes a deep-acting serum, a brush with soft sponge and a comb for instant and safe removal of scales. Instructions for use
1. Spray serum in the palm of your hand twice
2. Massage serum to affected area, 2 times daily until cradle cap is gone
3. For safe removal of scales ? use brush with sponge and comp (helps when there is hair in the way)
4. If the child has cradle cap around his/her eyes, PoxClin? can be sprayed onto a cotton pad to make it easier to apply without it getting into the child's eyes

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