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Palmolive for men classic palm extract shave cream 100ml


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Product features
Gently nourishes skin
Guards against irritations from shaving
Ingredients that are kind to the skin
Product description
Moisturising lather with palm extract to help keep your skin feeling smooth and supple.

Many men shave their face daily, which is why it's so important to find a shaving cream that is gentle and kind to your skin. Palmolive for men classic has been specially formulated to encourage a more superior, smoother shave. Enriched with soothing palm fruit extract - well known for its hydrating properties - this mild and lightly fragranced cream will nourish your skin and help guard against razor irritations.

Palmolive for men classic palm extract shave cream creates a wonderful lather every time. A small amount goes a long way with this lightly fragranced formula that will leave your skin looking and feeling soft and irresistible. Make Palmolive for men classic a part of your morning routine and experience the benefits over and over again.

Features of Palmolive for men classic palm extract shave cream 100ml
Mild formula helps to gently nourish skin
Enriched with hydrating palm fruit extract
Gives a superbly smooth shaving experience
Leaves skin looking soft and touchable
Lightly fragranced

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