PharmaNord Bioactive D-Pearls 38Ug-240 Capsules


D-Pearls feature small, convenient celatin capsules (Pearls) that support the immune system and the maintenance of bones and teeth. Bioactive D-Pearls are the new generation of Vitamin D supplements for fast and effective absorption and delivery of biologically active vitamin D. D-Pearls feature small, convenient gelatin capsules (pearls), which are easy to swallow and can even be chewed. Each capsule contains 38ug of biologically active Vitamin D3 in high-quality Olive oil for optimal absorption in the digestive system. D-Pearls are an ideal supplement for maintaining a good and well-functioning immune system and supporting healthy bones and teeth.

  • Dissolved in cold-pressed organic Olive oil
  • Small, easy-to-swallow “pearls” of soft Gelatin
  • Made from Lanolin, the best organic Vitamin D source


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