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Revlon uniq one shampoo & conditioning 300ML & 150ML


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Revlon Uniq One Conditioning Shampoo : the first cleansing balm with 10 benefits that both cleans and conditions hair without damaging it.
The texture of this amazing product is completely different to conventional shampoos. It hydrates the scalp and works to protect the hair. This does not affect the scalps natural layer of protection, while also respecting the pH of the skin. Leaving the hair clean, conditioned and well cared for, this is a fantastic product for any hair type.

Revlon Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment
Repair dry & damaged hair, control frizz and enhance shine all with the Uniq One hair treatment from Revlon. It protects against UV light, keeps your colour in top shape for longer, and even makes brushing easier by detangling. Add the body and shine you deserve with Uniq One.

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