Scholl Gelactiv Work For Women


Scholl Women’s Gel Activ Work Insoles One SizeEffectively absorb shocks and help reduce excessive pressure on your feet for a more extended period. The non-slip design ensures that your feet and insole stay firmly in place impact cushioning for heel knees and angles suitable for wearing inside work shoes. Bootsgelactiv ™ technology provides superior shock absorption & cushioning performance thanks to the ergonomically designed gel insert integrated into the insole1 size fits all (trim along the outline that matches your shoe size). Scholl Gel Activ work insoles have Gelactiv ™ technology and exclusive shape design. It provides superior shock absorption vs not wearing insoles and cushioning performance with the ergonomically designed gel insert integrated into the insole. Galactic is effective in absorbing micro shocks and helps reduce the excessive pressure from daily activities. Suitable for wearing inside work boots.


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