Senokot Senocalm IBS 20 Tablets


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Please be advised We highly recommend that you Read all medication leaflet carefully before you start taking any medicine because it contains important information for you.

Product details:
Helps prevent IBS symptoms reoccuring

With Simethicone for IBS RELIEF & Prevention of gas Related Symptoms:
Bloating and discomfort
Painful spasms and cramps
Gentle on the body
With peppermint flavour

Senocalm capsules are used to relieve and prevent bloating feeling and gas-related symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) like painful cramps, pressure, fullness and indigestion.
Suitable for:
Adults and children 6 years and over.

How to use:

Please read the enclosed leaflet carefully before use.

Take Senocalm capsules with a glass of water, after a meal or before you go to bed.

The capsules can be taken three times a day, however, if you forget to take a dose, DO NOT TAKE A DOUBLE DOSE.

The capsules can also be used to prevent bloating. See your Doctor if you think you have IBS symptoms so they can try to determine the cause.

Adults and children aged 14 years and older: 2 - 3 Capsules per dose, 9 Capsules per day
Children aged 6 to 14 years: 1 Capsule per dose, 3 Capsules per day
Hazards and Cautions:
Do not use the Senocalm capsules after the expiry date as printed on the blister and outer box. The product is not intended to relieve constipation or diarrhoea.

Keep Senocalm capsules in the original packaging at room temperature (15-25?C).

125 mg Simethicone, Peppermint Oil, Gelatin Capsule.


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