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TIPPERARY CRYSTAL Rose Gold Long White Pearl Necklace


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Rose Gold Long White Pearl Necklace

This stunning, extra-long, rose gold necklace is 55cm long. Seven elegant white pearls and 2 crystal lined open circles are set at regular stations along the length of the chain. Three of the gorgeous pearls are actually set inside of the dazzling clear, crystal lined open circles allowing them to spin freely within, a novel little feature. A charming TC branded button disc adds that finishing touch. This exquisite necklace has the versatility to be worn full length or doubled up to create a completely different look.

The beauty of luxurious pearls will last for generations. They are traditionally a symbol of elegance and beauty. Tipperary Crystal's Pearl collection is simply luminous. From magnificent pendants to classic earrings and bracelets, our stunning designs are guaranteed to delight.

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